Friday, July 15, 2011

Sixty Feet Prison- Day Two

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A very warm welcome

The kids who are new to the remand centers are  not allowed to wear shirts, I think for the first 2 weeks

This little guy had special needs. We decorated his shirt for him. Broke. My. Heart.

This is the boy who almost left in tears. We got his shirt just right and he was so happy.

I don't even have words for how this moves my heart.......

This sweet baby (who had on nothing but this shirt) was one of the many street kids brought in the night before we arrived. He won't stay there long and I have no idea what will come of him, but hopefully, he saw Jesus in us....even if for just a brief moment...

On our way out of the village....these kids were excited until they realized that they had no idea what we were throwing at them

I still can't believe that these kids (who did not know us) pushed our bus out of the mud.....
Hooray! We are free!

 Yep, that's a pink chicken.....

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