Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adoption update...sort of....and why I didn't just "bring one back" from Africa.

I wanted to give everyone an update around Christmas, but there really wasn't anything to update yet.

Many of you have asked me:

"Do you have a particular child in mind to adopt?"

"Do you know what country?"

"Did you get one while you were in Africa?"

First off, you can't just "get one" while you are in another country. I am sure most people know that, but comments like "bring me a couple of brown babies home" and "why didn't you just get one while you were over there?" probably aggravate the stew out of people who have actually gone through the whole process of International adoption. The process is long. And hard. And expensive. Much like pregnancy and child birth. If someone had told me to grab them a baby from the hospital while I was on the way there to deliver one of mine I would have probably punched them in the face.

I have walked along side many friends who have gone through this process on this side of the world. Now I have seen the faces of moms on the other side of the world who are desperately going from one appointment to the next in a strange and unfamiliar place, often on the back of a strange and unfamiliar motorcycle. Tackling one hurdle and setback at a time with hopes that they will soon be given the "yes" they need to travel home with the child that their heart already recognizes as their own.

But, similar to child birth, we tend to forget the terrible parts as soon as we hold that sweet child and bring them home to start a new life. It is HARD but it is so worth it. Adoption is the same. Exactly the same. Except is doesn't involve your uterus. I digress.....

So, back to me. These last few months have been a crazy whirlwind. As you know, I started this process seeking to follow the Lord in His prompting to pursue a child with Down syndrome. I originally thought this would happen through International adoption. I also originally thought that I would seek an older child (2-4) rather than an infant. But, through a series of crazy circumstances, God has sent 4 children across my path in the last 3 months. All boys. All newborns. All with Ds.

None of these children turned out to be mine, but I know God had a plan in all of it. Of course He did. One thing He showed me was that in order for me to be available to take a child who may be abandoned because if a Ds diagnosis here in the US, I would need to be a licensed foster parent. Although this is not what I had planned, I have done a lot of praying for God to make the path He wants me to take clear, and I think He has.....and His plans are always better than mine!

I will be starting the training to become a licensed foster parent next Thursday the 17th through Alabama Baptist Children's Homes! After 10 weeks of classes (1 night a week) I will be be ready to have my homestudy and get started.

I am really excited about this new chapter. Please be praying for us and I will keep you soon as there is something to update!