Sunday, November 4, 2012

In honor of Orphan Sunday...I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! :-)

 More than 1/3 of Americans have considered adoption, but no more than 2% have actually adopted.

It is estimated that there are currently over 163 MILLION orphans in our world.

There are 27 million slaves in the world. There are more people enslaved today than at any other point in history.

The statistics show that if only 7% of the 2 BILLION Christians in the world were to care for ONE orphan, there would be no more orphans. Zero.

The number of people that it takes to change the world......... and likely eternity for one child............. 1. ONE.

I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I want to be one of the Christians who not only claims Him, but actually FOLLOWS HIM and his commands. I want to be in the 7%.

That is why I am.................. adopting!

If you really know me you are probably thinking "Duh. Big shocker." Well there is a little more.....

God is leading me to a child with Down syndrome.

He has made it perfectly clear to me over the last few months that this is the path HE wants me to take. A lot of that has to do with my work with Project Hopeful ....did I mention that I am on staff with them now? :-) Seriously these ladies are all AMAZING and are an awesome source of encouragement to me on a daily basis.

So, what happens now? Well, that is hard to answer at this point. I have turned in my application with our awesome local adoption agency Lifeline and gotten the process officially started. But, a lot of....unexpected things....have happened since then, and I have been working with Lifeline as well as some other folks to discern exactly what God is leading me to do next. Unfortunately I can't share many of those details here......but let's just say that sometimes when you give God a YES He sets HIS plan in motion.....and it isn't always what you expected! :-) BUT GOD's plans are ALWAYS better than that is a good thing!

I thought about going in to all of the "I know you are wondering ______"  and "what if______" questions, but decided it would be a lot easier to just say this. If you have a question about my adoption that cannot be answered by one (or both) of these statements, then feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer (assuming that it is non-mean, non Angelina Jolie related, and non-ridiculous).

Isn't that what it all boils down to?

Aren't we all afraid to say YES to God, because deep down, we don't really believe that HE can handle the hard stuff? 

Don't we think that HE can't come up with money, or space, or time, or all of the things that we use as excuses?

Well, I know that my God is bigger.....and so I say YES....and I am going to TRUST HIM with the rest!

Will YOU do me one favor? Will you pray, today, for God to reveal to you, how HE wants YOU to care for the orphan? Give Him an unconditional YES, up front, and then wait for Him to lead. My next post will detail specifically some of the MANY ways that we can ALL follow the command to care for the orphan!

I appreciate all of your prayers as we continue this process!