Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Christmas Challenge-Time to Pony Up!

Americans spend well over $450 billion on Christmas gifts each year. That would feed every orphan on the planet for about 10 years. This year we are going to DO something about that.

I set out to get 10 families to commit alongside me this year to the Christmas Challenge...well I got 8...and that ain't too bad!

I sincerely hope that this "catches on" and more and more Christians will begin to view Christmas as an opportunity to make a difference in our world, rather than turn our backs and continue to spoil ourselves. The need in our world is so often overwhelming, but if we as Christians in America would begin to see this as our responsibility rather than continue to ignore it, such a difference CAN be made.

I personally believe that God blessed our nation so richly, not so we can all have great cushy lives, but because HE wants us...expects us.... to meet the urgent physical and spiritual needs all over our world. I believe God is waiting for HIS CHURCH to step up.....and I can't imagine the pain He feels as He continues to watch HIS FOLLOWERS turn a blind eye while children starve to death, go through life with no family to claim them, and worst of all people die never having heard His great Gospel.

SO, for those of us who ARE on board for the challenge this year...it is time to pony up! I will be sending my donations out this week, and I thought it would be cool if we all said WHO we are contributing to this year. Amounts are not necessary, but it would be neat to be able to spread the word not only about the challenge, but also about the ministries we all chose. And if the amount you committed to donate to urgent physical and spiritual need all of a sudden seems pretty BIG (since it is time to write the checks!), then just remind yourself of this image....it helped me!

My utmost gratitude goes to each family who committed to this with me this year...it feels so awesome to know that I have friends who will walk alongside me in such a way that we can really make a difference in our world!

I am going to post my ministries on Facebook and then link to this blog...so feel free to do the same OR comment below. Let's get the word out!

Blessings and MERRY CHRISTMAS!