Sunday, July 10, 2011

Planting Seeds

Lucy has a very clear vision at Hope Community Center. She wants everyone who comes there, and who blesses their ministry from far away, to be able to plant a seed that they can then watch grow. She also loved for the kids to be able to see these new projects, and remember the people who started them, so that they can continue to pray for them.

I was honored to be a part of the team that worked most of the day today on the greenhouse. We brought huge posts from way across the land, brought a few wheelbarrows full of rocks as close as we could get them to the work site, and then we had to tote them the rest of the way by hand. While the guys worked on getting the post lined up and set in the ground, we worked on bringing some really long skinny logs that they guys were cutting down in the woods, over to the worksite. Needless to say, we worked out little girl butts off but we had a great time…….. and we even ate a couple of carrots straight out of the ground. It was awesome to see a place that was nothing, turn in to the start of something…..something that they very likely finished shortly after we left! By the time our day there was done, we had all the posts set and lined up and measured, so all they had left to do was to put up the crossbeams, and then cover it with the plastic!

They also delivered the rocks today, and we were able to watch them be poured out in the spot where the new baby house will be started. We huddled around them and prayed over them and the babies who will hopefully be able to live there soon and be saved….likely from death.

Then we had to pack up and say goodbye. Lucy really wanted us to stay a few more nights, but the people at Fiwagoh were expecting us. J So we hoisted our luggage back on top of the bus (another good workout) and headed out to Nakuru where Fiwagoh Mission is located.

On the bus ride there (about 2 hours) we saw giraffes and zebras literally right off the side of the road! Of course we all broke in to a frenzy, and the bus driver was kind enough to stop for a moment so we could hope out and play tourist! I must admit, that it was pretty awesome to see those tall amazing creatures out in the wild and so close.

Once we arrived at Fiwagoh, we were greeted by Pastor Benson and all the kiddos. They are all so sweet and carried our luggage up to our dorms for us. The scenery in Kenya is MUCH different than in Uganda. They have amazing mountains and lakes….it is just very picturesque……and even though it is only 2 hours away from Hope the weather is drastically different! It is chilly here in the mornings and evenings, but not see your breath cold… that is an answered prayer.

We gathered with the kids for a brief time of worship. Their smiles are just so cute. A 13 year old boy named Nahashon gave a quick sermon that rocked all of our worlds. I have NEVER heard a kid preach like that. He spoke on Proverbs 22:6 and he said that the children should work hard and “make the difference today not tomorrow”. He has a certain future in ministry. We were then blessed by Florence (Pastor Benson’s wife) with a wonderful dinner, complete with real normal American pasta noodles, a veggie salad, potatoes, avacodo and chipata bread…..yum.

We are bunked up 2 to a bed tonight, BUT, they have real toilets with toilet seats and everything so we are pretty happy…..still only cold water, but….you know it is Africa. Now we are off to cuddle 2 high and 2 wide. Should be a cozy night!

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