Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rest and Chinglish......oh and I think I got engaged. Day Seven.

Today was just a normal day. We have made a habit out of stopping at KFC for coffee in the mornings…..which is just hilarious. Then we made our trek to the campus.

We had our morning classes, which went really well. We had sort of a light day topic wise in the Jane Eyre class, but it is going to get super heavy tomorrow. Then we went to lunch and had a chance to do some super fast shopping. This “mall” is 5 floors high and has everything from brooms and underwear to dishes and basketballs.

There are “hole in the wall restaurants” lined up everywhere, and we have somehow managed to eat at the same place 4 times. However, it is soooooooooo good so we haven’t complained!
My favorite restaurant. Only 2 tables inside.

We started our business project this afternoon. The students have a hard time with this type of creative thinking, so they should learn a lot from it.

We finally had a little down time this evening. We had dinner with some students and  then we took our sweet time getting back to the hotel. I feel like we have literally been running from place to place since we got here (probably because we have) so it was great to be able just slow down. So now we will have a little rest. That is about all I have to say about that.


-I don’t know WHY but these kids LOVE the show “The Big Bang Theory”. The funny thing is the words don’t translate into Chinese very well, so the sentence goes something like this: “Do you know American show….ummmmmm….Big …..ummm Explosion….you know? ……Sheldon….”
-They LOVE LOVE LOVE The Beatles. Especially “Hey Jude”.
-These people have an uncanny knack for squatting. They let their kids poop on the street, so they don't ever want to sit on anything that isn't a chair. So they squat. All the way down. And just hang out like that.
-The men like to fold their shirts up in the front when it's hot. So there are Chinese sweaty bellies everywhere. Lovely.
-It is totally normal to walk down the street and see a dead pig laying on a table ready to be chopped up. Just on the side of the street. On a table. Right there.
-Chinese English CRACKS ME UP to no end. When they put English on products or signs it is always wrong. And hilarious.
"bring you great feeling all the time"

-We have been buying bananas from the same family in the market on our way to campus each day. The son is hilarious! He knows about 5 phrases in English and he shouts them at the top of his lungs to us each day. "Hello!". "You are beautiful!". "OK!". "I love you!". "See you later!".Whoever said Chinese people are soft spoken has never met this guy! He also didn't get the memo that Chinese boys don't touch girls....unless they are engaged. Not only does he touch, but his armpit has some sort of built in radar causing it to always make contact with the other persons shoulder, even if you try to avoid it. He gave me a free peach, so between that and the touching, and the I love you!'s, I am guessing we are engaged. Congrats to me.
Me and the banana man.

Banana man and Jon.

He made us this tender sign! (no idea why a couple of these pics turned out red)

My engagement peach

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  1. Reading your blurbs about China's oddities cracks me up because it brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing!