Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We interrupt the posts about China to give you this important marathon training update:

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Training Update: My knee still has a big nasty stress fracture in it.........so.....that's about it.

Plan for race day: I am not going to quit. I know that is what you are thinking, and you think wrong! :-) Here is my current plan: I go back to the doctor in about a week. IF he clears me to run, then I will have about 4 weeks left to train. At that point, I am going to focus on a run/walk plan. I have a watch that I can set to beep after 4 minutes, and then again after 1 minute. So I will run for 4, walk for 1 and repeat until I reach the finish line! Pray it works and I don't get picked up by the "You are running too slow and we have to re-open the streets at some point today" wagon.

The good amazing news: I am up to $1,650 in my fundraising!!!!! That means I only have $350 left to go! That is SO amazing! Your support means so much to me.

I am not running this race to display my amazing athletic ability (obviously). I am doing it simply to raise awareness for this great cause and for the MILLIONS of children out there who have no voice to speak for themselves. This money will go directly to Project Hopeful and it will literally change the lives, and possibly SAVE THE LIVES of many children in OUR world. What a great reason to run!

So, between now and September 9th, I plan to not only complete my ultimate goal in all this, but to complete it, and then some!

PLEASE click on the picture below to go to Project Hopeful's site, then click the button above my name that says "donate"! It will direct you to pay pal and you can donate any amount!! If you don't want to donate online, feel free to mail me a check, but be sure to make it out to Project Hopeful!

So easy!



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