Friday, July 27, 2012

Lord let it be so. Day six

They have KFC here. That is so strange to me.

Today we went on a scavenger hunt ALL OVER the city with the students. It was really amazing to be able to spend that quality time with them while working together as a team to help them practice their English. We were able to see the Yellow River (which would be more aptly named the Very Brown River), a museum, and tons of other amazing sights. Some of the students we were with hadn’t even see this much of the city before, so needless to say we are exhausted!
Our scavenger hunt team!

Little boys like to play with cars no matter where you are.

The Yellow/Brown River.

Random dude selling turtles on the side of the street!

Today provided a good bit of time to have some deeper conversations with some of our friends. The Lord is really working on so many of these kids, and we are doing our best to be patient while He does what He does best.

Chinese popcorn lady

A view of the city on both sides of the Yellow River.

We noticed this evening, that after work, all of the people go into various parts of the city and congregate. The women do Chinese line dances, and the men play cards, drink beer, and smoke! But, the thought was brought to my attention, that their small and not so comfortable living situations, really force them into community with each other. It is really a wonderful picture and I think that once the Lord grows some of the seeds that have been planted, they should spread like wildfire.

Just a normal evening in China.

My friend Jon who helped me barter with a lady for a dress for Ella :)

One of my girls Allison asked me today as we walked arm and arm to the museum (they are VERY protective of us foreigners so they are always holding on to us) “Are you angry with your ex husband?” Of course I told her that I was at first, but I had long since forgiven him and wasn’t angry anymore. I asked her if she knew why I would choose to forgive him and she said “I know. It is because you believe in God and your Bible says to forgive and love even your enemies”.

It is AMAZING to me how our great God can take a book written in the 1800’s (Jane Eyre), an English camp, and my story, and mold them into something that could potentially change where this girl (and maybe more) spend eternity. 

Lord let it be so.

-In China, you fall into one of two classes of people. Noodle people or rice people. Although the beef noodles are good, I am definitely rice people.
The noodles are in there. Yes you have to eat it with chopsticks.
-The women shave their legs, but not so much their underpits. I didn't get a picture of that........sorry.
-It is perfectly normal here to wear the same clothes 2 days in a row…..or more. Makes it easier to identify the students though and greatly reduces the cost of name tags. And showering is apparently optional as well.
-Old Chinese women got rhythm.
-The shower floors and the bathroom floors are the same. There is a drain in the bathroom at the lowest point and when you shower the water goes all over the bathroom floor and then in to the drains….at least hypothetically.
-Chinese toilet paper is stretchy.

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