Monday, July 23, 2012

Journey to China - Day One....and Two.

14.01 hours is long time on plane.
30+ hours, 4 airplanes and 1 van later we are finally here! Our trip has been blessed with on time flights, and no lost luggage… that alone is wonderful!
Tofu on a plane (morning or otherwise) is a very bad idea.
First glimpse of China.

It has been dark since we arrived so not much to tell about the city thus far, except that it looks a lot like any downtown, just with a lot of neon lights…..that all say something or another in Chinese. The roads are normal and paved (a nice change from Africa) but they drive even worse than New York cab drivers.

We will be staying in a hotel off campus, rather than on campus as we had planned. However, this is China and so these things happen. Apparently it isn't legal for foreigners to stay in certain hotels in China. They want them all in the nicer hotels to give the world a good impression of the country. So, the accommodations are much nicer than what we expected (aside from the beds that feel like a coffee table with a sheet on top)......but we are not going to complain!

View from our hotel window.

The mountains here are beautiful!

PLEASE NOTE: For security purposes, I won't be posting any specifics about the city we worked in, the University, or the American teacher we worked with. So, some of the posts may seem vague.....but it is vague for a good reason!

Ready to rest and get started tomorrow!



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