Wednesday, May 18, 2016

today foster care sucks

Sometimes foster care looks like a healthy cute baby with no medicines, no machines, no health issues or special needs. Just an adorable infant who needs temporary love and care. But that has never happened to me.

For me, today, foster care sucks.

Foster care in my house right now? It looks like a teenager who has so much anger and hurt that she is hell bent on hurting those who are closest to her.

It looks like a little girl who just wants to go home.

It looks like more medicines and medical supplies and gtube feeds and machines.

My room literally smells like either rancid poop or gtube leaky formula yuck all the time. And this poop? It is weird. It gets on stuff and won't come off. And the smell takes days to go away. Weird poop.

For my forever kids foster care today looks like knowing there is major drama in the house but not knowing exactly what is going on. It looks like sharing everything. Sharing mom. Sharing toys, food, rooms. Everything. It is hard for them today.

Foster care on social media? It usually looks happy and fine. Why? Because we don't really want you to know how hard and awful it is sometimes. Because then you will never want to do it. And we need you to do it. We need more foster parents. Desperately.

Yes today foster care sucks. But you know what? We will push through the hard. Why? Because God said so. And He is the boss of me.



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