Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to the world Jojo!

It was brought to my attention today, that I have not updated my blog since Jojo was born! There is SO MUCH to say. SO MANY details that God lined up perfectly to bring our family together. But, we are still in Texas, and I don't think I can process it all until we are all home and back to "normal". So for now, here are some pictures!!

On June 19th, we found out our baby was about to be born, so we packed up and headed to Texas!

At 7:22 pm on June 20th, Josiah Harrison Clark made his debut!

5 lbs 4 oz 18 1/4 inches long
And 48 hours later he was officially OURS!

Meeting his big brother, big sister and his Emmy....

He had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU nursery because he just couldn't seem to get the hang of breathing, swallowing and sucking all at the same time......

My sweet friend Tesney and her kids Clayton and Kirill drove all the way from Alabama to hang out with us!

And after a LONG 2 weeks, he got the hang of things and on July 5th we got to bring him to our Texas home!

We have had a GREAT time with our Texas family (Joey, Lisa, Ace & Archie) and feel so very blessed!
Lisa, and her kids Ace and Archie
Now we are just hanging out and waiting to be cleared to go home! Jojo has a check up tomorrow with the Pediatrician, and then once we get clearance to cross State lines with him we will be heading back HOME!

We CANNOT thank you enough for all of your prayers and support on this journey!

 Blessings from our family of FOUR!

{p.s. you can still donate to help us with our agency/court fees! see my previous blog post for the specifics}


  1. He is absolutely beautiful! What a gift from our God! I`ll be praying for you all <3

  2. He's gorgeous! Our sweet Neely has Down syndrome and just turned a year old and we are adopting sweet MinLan who has DS from China and hopefully traveling in January! Look forward to following little JoJo and your beautiful family! We come to Birmingham once a week for therapy at the Bell Center! Small world! God bless!