Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday School, Plastic toys, and other random stuff that is currently ticking me off.

I just feel the need to get some things off my chest. None of these things necessarily have anything to do with each other. Enjoy.

The words "You deserve". I hear those words in what seems like EVERY commercial on T.V. and radio right now.

"Come to us and get your teeth whitened for the smile you deserve!"
"We will get you the money you deserve"
"Drive this car because you deserve more!"
"Don't you think you deserve a better cell phone company?"

Makes me want to poke my eyeballs out. Know what we deserve? Hell. Because we are sinful people before a sovereign and just God.

The words "You Need" or "I need". I wish we could all strike this language from our vocabulary and that of our kids. We need a Savior. We need food, water and shelter. We don't need a new iphone. We don't need a new car. We don't need a new outfit for the weekend.

The words "I am starving". Trust me when I say that if you have ever laid eyes on real people, who are actually death....then you would stop saying that. I know that because I used to say it all the time.....I don't anymore.

The phrase "I just don't feel called". I find that people throw this phrase out most often when they know in their heart that God is calling them outside of their comfort zones. But we American Christians can't like that. So, in order to avoid following a call that might alter our cozy lives, we say we don't "feel called". We say there are plenty of ways to serve God! I don't have to adopt or care for widows! You do that and I will just go to church and be on the greeting team. know....the body has many functions and .....stuff. So mine is greeter....every.single.Sunday. And I give my 10%. So I am good. You guys adopt a kid (I am not called but if I was I would adopt locally because what about the kids in our country?), or foster a kid....right here in our country (oh well....maybe I will look in to it but I just don't think I could take care of a child and then have to give them up), or sponsor a kid (I can't afford that), or care for a widow (I don't know any!), or go on mission trips (not my what about the people right here in America?), or go to low income neighborhoods and serve the poor (I have to work on.....that day), or financially support people who are adopting or going on mission trips overseas (aren't there are grants and stuff for that?), or advocate for the overlooked (I am busy advocating for people to...... go to church) I need to go on?

The Bible calls us ALL to so much more than church attendance....and I am over the "I don't feel called" excuse.

For some reason it has really been bothering me lately when people talk about kids being in Bible class, as if Sunday morning attendance is the only way they will ever become Christ followers. If people go off the reservation and stop attending church at a church building, friends and family freak out. "What about the kids and Bible class!" Other people say "I just really wish _______ would get those kids in to Bible class on Sunday mornings.....". PARENTS, it is OUR JOB to disciple our children. I know I need to do a MUCH better job in this area....probably why it is bothering me so much right now....

When did Halloween become all about dressing up girls of all sizes as sluts?

It is Christmas time. Oh don't get me started. I was cleaning out toys the other day and looking for stuff to donate. So we can make room for more stuff. More plastic toy stuff. Don't get me wrong.....we have cut WAAYYYY back at Christmas time. We give away the same amount we spend on Christmas to urgent physical and spiritual need around the world (more on that soon). BUT, I am so tired of all the plastic toys that are in our house. We feel like we "need" a bigger house so we can have more room for all of our plastic stuff.....while others in our world have no food, water, shelter OR Savior.


That's about all.......for now. :-)




  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! Can I add one more? "When I get to heaven the first thing I'm gonna do is ask God _______!" Ummm...doubtful. Somehow I don't envision anyone interrogating the King of Kings and Lord of Lords when we meet Him face to face.
    Gotta run. Haven't eaten in a minute. I'm starving. I need a snack. What's more I deserve one.