Sunday, October 28, 2012

Remember how I said I wanted to go back to Africa?

Ok, so some of you may remember the post I wrote when I decided to go to China this past Summer. {You can read that post here}. The point in summary was that I REALLY wanted to go back to Africa, but God just wouldn't open the doors. Now I know why........

God sent me to China this Summer, because he knew I would be going to AFRICA...this WINTER........wait what?!?!?! thoughts exactly. So here is what happened:

When I went to Chicago to run the Chicago Half Marathon on behalf of Project Hopeful my friend Tesney and I stayed with {and finally met face to face}our BFF Deb Steiner. She is seriously one of the most amazing women I know. She is a single mom {like me}, she has two kids {like me}, she is super duper smart and a big time lawyer {NOT like me} and she is my HEEEEEERRROOOOO.

Tesney, Deb and Jenny (aren't we cute?)

As a single mom, I KNOW how hard everyday stuff can be. So when Deb was talking to us about the adoption of her THIRD child, from Uganda {which is like a different continent}, and telling us that her parents couldn't go this time {which is a pretty big deal because she is bringing her two kids ages 5 and 6 with her} I knew I would want {need} help, so naturally Tesney and I did what any true and slightly crazy friends would do........... we volunteered to go with her!

Because sometimes just saying "Oh I would love to help!" or "I wish I could go" isn't enough. Sometimes you just have to DO.

Now let me be clear: when we said yes, we thought that this adoption/trip would be taking place in the Spring or Summer of 2013. Perfect. That will work out great for my mission trip for next year! But, as God continues to teach me, in spite of my extreme stubbornness, HIS PLANS are ALWAYS better than my plans. HIS WAYS are better than my ways. HIS TIMETABLE is better than mine. So as soon as she gets a court date, we will set HIS plan in motion!

Before i even had a chance to publish this post {that I wrote last night} the plans changed! Looks like Deb will be flying out in the next couple of days, and Tesney will either go with her, or the day after. Apparently the little guys she is adopting is very sick and her friends in Uganda said she needs to get there as soon as possible. Please pray for him, for safe travels and for the court date!

But, it is not all about the adoption. While we are there, we will be working with a small orphanage called Ekisa. I beg you to please please pretty please visit their website and read about these amazing women and the kids they serve.

What would cause two girls in their twenties to pick up and move to Uganda to serve children with special needs? Two people who know in their hearts that God does not call us to just "wish" we could help....often He calls us to abandon everything and follow Him. Not to simply say "I will pray for them" or "I will keep them in my thoughts" but to give everything away and DO.
The Ekisa kids
One tangible thing we will DO for these ladies, who have become mom to many of the least of these, is bring them some supplies. We will each get a 50lb bag and we plan to fill it up with the stuff listed below! I am most concerned about the medical equipment, so if you know of anyone who might be willing to donate some of these things please let me know!

Cardiac Monitor
Oxygen Concentrator
Jesus Storybook Bible (several copies) We and our kids love this book
however the one we have is in pieces.
Ink for printer – 122 HP Ink Color & Black
Match box cars
Powder paint mix
Swimming pampers – all sizes
Larger flash drives – for social worker
Glue sticks
Clorox wipes
Sensory toys (any toy that is musical, textured, vibrates, bright or has lights, etc.)
Chewable Vitamins
Glow sticks
Duct tape
Sidewalk chalk
Sterile gauze or sterile dressings
And for the Aunties, if you so wish, here are our American cravings:
Crispix Cereal
Funfetti Cake and Icing
Parmesan Cheese

These children would literally be discarded and left to die if not for these ladies. I hope to bless their socks off with every single thing they ask us for!

So, to sum it all up, I will be taking the coming home end of the journey. I will fly over, stay for 5ish days, and fly back to help Deb with the kids on the trip home.

I am not asking any of you for money, because I know I wore you all out with the marathon! ;-). BUT, we do need to raise $ for flights, supplies for Ekisa etc. All money that is donated goes through Project Hopeful and is totally tax deductible. So, if you know of anyone who is rich and needs a tax deductible way to give away some money, please share this blog with them!!!

I can gladly take donations to purchase stuff on the list as well. And if you would like to donate some of the items or would like to send a check, feel free to mail them to me at 6166 Eagle Point Circle Birmingham, AL  35242 {make checks payable to Project Hopeful}.

What an amazing blessing to be a part of this redemption story.

 P.S. Buy this book. As soon as I finish it for the second time, I am going to write more about it. But the guy who wrote it loves Uganda and that is no coincidence....I am pretty sure we will all be BFF's by the time this is all over with. Bob, you are going to love being friends with the 3 of us.

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