Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Tips for travelling A-fer" (aka afar) and the motherload of embroidery floss.

My Aunt will flip when she realizes that I posted this out there on the internets for the whole bless-ed world to see, so she shall here-to-for remain nameless (but she is my dad's sister, born and raised in Hamilton, Alabama, once crowned "Little Miss Maid of Cotton", maiden name Clark, first name Lana, married name Hindman).

Seriously, this woman means the world to me. She has supported me and guided me in ways no one else will ever know. I love her so totally much.

However, she is to blame for a great deal of my weirdness-es. Those of you who know me, know what I mean. I will not go in to all of them, but when you hear me say things to my kids like "I love you more than snot with green boogers", just know that it comes from her. Here is a tender note I received from her yesterday, that I thought might be of help to many of my friends who are currently preparing for trips overseas for missions, adoption etc.....I will translate below.

Translated to English: "Rules for Traveling Afar"

Don't talk to strangers. (always solid advice)
Don't drink the water. (yep...don't want the malaria)
Don't eat road kill. (I am going to go ahead and say that this one applies when traveling as well as at home)
If you see a tiger, don't touch it. (got it)
When you need to poop, go do it. (got my travel TP just in case)
Always keep a kleenex in your pocket (b/c my ma-maw did and so we do.....b/c we want to be more like she was :))
If you see a pile of something strange, try to avoid stepping in it. (once again, also applies at home)

And I think the last part is self explanatory :). I love my aunt who shall herein remain nameless.....did I say that already? 

Along with my tender note, she also sent a contribution for school fees, medical assistance etc. for the Karamajong people (you can read more about them in my last post), as well as more EMBROIDERY FLOSS. I think we have officially hit the MOTHERLOAD! Woo Hoo!
Thanks so much to all who contributed embroidery floss, soccer balls, flip flops, money and support for this trip. I am truly blessed.

I have 2 more blog posts rattling around in my noggin that I plan to get out before I go...so stay tuned. I leave Birmingham on Saturday morning, and head to Africa on Sunday from DC!

Much love and gratitude,



  1. What a sweet note!:) And how awesome it will be to bring all of that embroidery floss!! See you Saturday!:)

  2. People from Hamilton are very intelligent. :P