Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So many questions......

Today was our first day ministering to the kids at the first remand center we will visit. They greeted us with a song that was beautiful even though none of us understood a word of it. Then we went around the circle and introduced ourselves to all of the kids. They truly wanted to know about us which was so neat.

We taught them a couple of songs with motions which they enjoyed, and then shared the gospel with them….via translation. We then split in to groups and helped the kids make salvation bracelets….I was surprised by how many of them did not even know how to make a simple knot. They really loved the bracelets but enjoyed seeing us smile and talk to them even more.

I spoke with one boy who spoke great English. He said he had been in University before he came to the Remand center. He said he hopes to go back when he gets out. I hope he does. 

Then the fun began. Boys were constantly on the drums. The soccer balls came out and we played in the small strip of dirt that they have as their “play” area. Beach balls, balloons, kick balls all were flying through the air. The kids had a great time and so did the team.

As our time began to come to a close, 2 boys I will call M and H sat with me and began to ask me so many questions.

“Why are Americans so (motions with his hand out from his hips) fat?”
“They tell us that Americans eat snake and frogs. Is this true?”
“They tell us that if we come to America they will take us at the airport and question us and arrest us. Is this true?”
“Is it possible for a boy from Uganda to marry American woman”
“How can we ever make it to America?”
“Why does America have all things and are so rich, but we because we are brown are all so poor in this whole country?”
“What are the prisons for children like in America?”

The best answers I could come up with were pray because God can do anything and work hard to get your education. I know I probably left those boys with more questions than I did answers, but I hope that I gave them at least the smallest glimmer of…..hope.

It is amazing to me what a world opens up inside of these children with a simple smile and eye contact. One asked me why we would come to Uganda for vacation. I told him we were most certainly not on vacation and that we came because we care about him and God does too. I told him we were missionaries (they knew what that meant but I just think our group of women was not what they had pictured J) and we want to pray for him and tell him about Jesus.



P.S. Mom: (since I know you are my one loyal reader J) will you please give Brandy this blog address and have her leave me a comment here every day or 2 to say how the kids are? I cant get a great signal on the phone, and Facebook is sketchy at best…..so I will just focus on this as my one main form of communication. Thanks!


  1. girl, i imagine you've got a lot more than just one royal reader!! :-) i praise god for your obedience to his calling, and i can't wait to continue reading and hear more about your amazing time there. we love you and are praying for you.

  2. Kids are great, they only stole the car 1 time! We haven't had one tear, except for Aidans cut finger, which he hasn't complained about since. They have been angels (all except for the grand theft auto) oh and ruff ruff wants red stripes in her hair like mine. Don't worry, it isn't permanent! Hugs & kisses! Brandy and the crew!

  3. Don't forget the Gigi loyal reader as well. I check this out several times a day and love your blogs.
    I enjoyed having the kids some Sunday afternoon and looking forward to our time together.
    Prayers continually heading your way.
    love you, gigi

  4. Hey! Kids are wonderful! We had a lot of rain yesterday, so we went to the children's museum and played, then went for ice cream. They're eating well, loved the chicken poppers (really shrimp poppers) as Ella informed me that she "doesn't like shlimps!" They woke up before the roosters! They got their bellys full of eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and fruit medley...that's when Aidan explained that he was allergic to wet panthers but not dry ones! As soon as Aislin gets done with cheer practice we're headed to the pool! Love Brandy and the crew!

  5. Hilarious! Thanks for the updates Brandy! You are da best!

  6. PS, before my kids went to SHC, they were here.... but isn't God just so amazing! They are originally from Moroto, NE Uganda, but came to Kampala due to lack of food and resources of course. Their BM sent them to the streets, just like all the other little Kjong kids you saw in KLA. One day the government street sweeper truck came through the city because there was a world conference or something, and they took my babies to Kamp. They were there for about 9 months we figured and Angi got TB. She was just about two at the time. One of the ladies who works with Natalie took her to the doc and ended up taking her home for 10 days. She then brought her back to Kamp but a few days later saw that they weren't giving her the TB meds. Renee was at my house giving one of my other kids an IV when the lady from Kamp called her and asked her if she would take Angi and her older brother together. Ten weeks later they were in my home for foster care and within two weeks their BM showed. That is a story in of itself! Oh the times were hard, but God is faithful. BM came to live with us and eventually I had to come back to the states for this time, so they went to Kenya with another ministry that I had been involved with starting back before I moved to Africa. Last month I heard the voice of the Lord calling me back to them. So here we go! I think of all that has happened and just can't help but rejoice that God would do something so spectacular as allow me to still be apart of their lives. I look forward now with great anticipation. This time so much has changed, namely me :) Okay, enough of that! It's just crazy to me how they were at this atrocity of a place and now they are with their BM who is being discipled by Africans in the ways of Jesus. She helps care for the other 30+ orphans on the farm and has the means now of caring for her own children because of it. Jesus :)