Friday, April 24, 2015

Foster Care Exposed: The uprising of all the single ladies

You know how people have all the excuses for why they can't do foster care?

"I work full time!"
"I would get too attached."
"It takes a special person to do foster care"
"I just don't have enough time."
"There isn't enough room in my house."

Well let me tell you something folks....there has been an uprising of single mamas taking on foster care....and they blow all of those excuses straight out of the water.

This post is plain and simple. We need to give praise to God for calling these women to glorify Him in this way....and we need to give props to them for simply saying YES.

Chasity: Accountant
Lana: Teacher
Erin: Physical Therapist
Stephanie: Speech/Language Pathologist
Allison: Teacher
Erin: Teacher
Karen: Executive Assistant
Ruby: Teacher
Connie: Teacher
Lori: School Counselor
Jenny: Teacher
Millie: Photographer
Mandie: Graphic designer/photographer
Jenna: Special Ed Teacher
Mary: School Counselor
Me: Financial Assistant/SAHM #onlycuzihaveanexhusbandwhopaysme
Amy: Teacher
Marissa: Teacher
Selena: Accountant/Controller

soon to be added to this list:

Chalice: Nanny
Amy: Nurse

I listed their occupations, simply to show that they are just normal hard working people just like everyone else.

Please keep these ladies in your prayers. They are taking on the hard work of foster care daily....and it isn't easy....but it is good.

It is the gospel lived out.

It is literally changing lives.

And it is worth it.



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