Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Gospel and snot.

I have had a few rough nights with the baby lately. Jojo had a nasty cold resulting in my "typically sleep through the night no problem" baby (I know it's not fair but I don't want to talk about it for fear I might jinx it) turning into an "I can't breathe and am miserable and want the household to know about it" baby.

For the parents who haven't recently had a super snotty tiny baby, and for those of you who have yet to be blessed with snotty children, let me paint the picture for you:

Babies can't blow their noses.

So when they have snot we have the pleasure of shooting saline out of a pressurized container up their noses until they feel like they are drowning, then we suck it out with a bulb syringe in HIGH HOPES that the mountains of snot in their little heads will come out and not just the saline we just shot up in there. Typically it is just the saline.To make matters worse there is no "dry it up" medicine babies can take.

Then when bed time rolls around, we prop one end of their bed up as high as we can without them sliding all the way to the other end with one movement. We position the humidifier so it is blowing a steady stream of watery air all over them, and we PRAY that they will sleep.

They usually don't sleep because they can't breathe. They can't breathe because their noses are so stopped up and their little brains aren't mature enough yet to realize that if they would just open their mouths they would be able to breathe just fine. I lay there in the room next to him wanting to scream out


And then God whispered to my heart.....

"That is how I feel about each of my children. Those who won't accept my Gospel. If they would just allow me in, and let ME lead their lives, things would be so much better."

I know what you are thinking....following God isn't easy. It is a bunch of rules that I have to follow....HOW does that make my life better? And I know why you think that....because it is what you have probably been taught it either growing up in a legalistic church, or by the example of your Christian friends. Here is the is not true.

Let God in. Let Him be the Lord of your life. He WILL prove Himself faithful to you again and again and you will WANT to follow Him. He will change your hearts desires. Just as a wife gladly submits to her husband because of the way in which he lays his life down for her (yes ladies I said the "S" word....move past it). Once your relationship with Him becomes real......everything will change.....for the better.

Life won't always be easy, but it will be joyful....if you just breathe Him in......



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  1. SO GOOD. SO TRUE. What an awesome analogy! That really spoke to me, thanks, Jenny!